Saturday, October 1, 2016

Life in Boro'bridge

I really wanted to write and participate in the Write 31 Days challenge again as I did last year but was struggling to think of a topic to focus on for the entire month of October.  Life is full, and I don't have a lot of time to devote to blogging, but I do like sharing snippets of our days for us and family and friends who are far away.  I thought those same family and friends might enjoy a little more in-depth look into our life in a market town in rural North Yorkshire, so for the next month I'm going to try to write a little bit every day about our adopted town and show some pictures of our favorite shops, walks, and rhythms of our Boroughbridge life.

I'll start with a picture I took on our very first trip to Boroughbridge in February 2014.

This is our post office and it and the friendly and helpful people inside are top of our thankful list at the moment.  When KJ was exchanging our pounds for euros this past May for our trip to France, it was a post office employee who asked him if he'd arranged for traveller's insurance.  Being American and used to our private insurance covering us we would not have thought about purchasing insurance for our family while traveling!  KJ has purchased it for teams going on mission trips in the past but never for us personally.  He decided it was a good idea and purchased it for trips up to 45 days for the rest of the year.  Praise the Lord!  He thought we might need it for the kids, little knowing he would need surgery this summer in Alabama.

In addition to posting our letters, exchanging currency, and giving good advice, we had our pictures made here for our UK driver's licenses, and they have a good collection of greeting cards.  I would consider it on the opposite side of town from our house, but it is only about a 1/3 of a mile on foot from our front door.  Now that I know that and that it's really quite inexpensive to send a letter to the States through the Royal Mail, I have no excuse not to be a better correspondent.

October 1 - Life in Boro'bridge

October 2 - Sunday Mornings in Boroughbridge

October 3 - Boroughbridge Charity Shop Circuit

October 4 - The Devil's Arrows

October 5 - Wednesday Nights with Grace Church Boroughbridge

October 6 - Seasons at the Boroughbridge Playground

October 7 - La Rascasse

October 8 - Oh the places you'll go:  Our first month walking around Boroughbridge

October 9 - Autumn in Boroughbridge

October 10 - Our Road to Boroughbridge

October 11 - A First Haircut in Boroughbridge

October 12 - Boroughbridge at Night

October 13 - 10 Random Photos Around Boroughbridge

October 14 - The Boroughbridge Library

October 16 - 10 MORE Random Pictures Around Boroughbridge

October 17 - Truly Scrumptious

October 18 - A Morning Run Around Boroughbridge

October 19 - The Town Square and Remembering

October 20 - Over the Hills

October 22 - A Pumpkin Spice Latte in Boroughbridge (!!!!)

October 24 - Pontem de Burgo, The Bridge Near Burgh

October 25 - Autumn Window Shopping

October 26 - A Shoe Shop for Boroughbridge

October 28 - Half Term in Boroughbridge

October 29 - Octobers Past

October 31 - 31 Days in October

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