Sunday, October 16, 2016

10 MORE Random Pictures Around Boroughbridge

Whoops.  I totally missed posting yesterday.  Yorkshire winters can be wet and muddy because the sun isn't up often enough or long enough during the day to ever dry everything completely out, so we were on a quest yesterday to find the kids winter boots that can keep their toes warm and withstand mud and water.  Let's just say Saturday at the outlet mall was completely exhausting, and all thoughts of blogging went completely out of my head last night when we made it back home!

In the spirit of being on top of things today, I'll leave you with ten more random photos from around town in Boroughbridge from the 2015 archives.

Isn't this seemingly abandoned house beautiful?  Can't you just imagine how cool it must be inside and what it would look like restored?  It reminds me of the house in It's a Wonderful Life that George and Mary throw rocks through the windows and make wishes that they eventually buy and restore.  I love it.

These pictures are all from the same August evening last year.  In the above picture is the canal that runs parallel to the River Ure through Boroughbridge.  They're both a good place for sunset and cloud reflection pictures if you happen to be walking across at the right moment.

The wheat fields around Boroughbridge go from green to golden at harvest time.

In the summertime the canal is filled with boats.  I think lots of people spend their holidays on the intricate canal system across England, mooring in different towns along the way.

What was called The Fruit Basket has just been re-branded with the owner's last name.  It's a lovely shop with all kinds of special flours, oils, jams, coffee, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables.  Their sidewalk display is always beautiful to look at.

England is so far north on the globe I really expected the autumn color to be on a par with New England.  It's not quite like that as a result of that warm gulf current that keeps their temperatures moderate, but it is quite beautiful.  The temperature always seems to be around 55 Fahrenheit, which feels very fall-like.

Supermarket parking lots are one of the surprising places to find some beautiful fall foliage.

Looking up the High Street, there's another little cafe.  I've got to get started on my visits!

Hooray for Fall!

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