Saturday, October 8, 2016

Oh the places you'll go: Our first month walking around Boroughbridge

One of the biggest differences in our lives in Boroughbridge versus our lives in Tuscaloosa is being able to walk places.  We walk to the shops, the Post Office, the library, and friends' houses.  We learned our way around our new surroundings on foot instead of in the car, and we have loved it.  It definitely goes to show that you can adapt and get used to any new way of life.  My kids were not used to walking much further than down the street and now they can put in several miles a day if need be.  I thought it would be fun to re-live the first month of our Boroughbridge explorations as told by my camera phone.

This was the first walk I took after we moved, and I learned how muddy North Yorkshire can be in the autumn when you tread off the beaten path.  The mud was definitely a revelation.  I came to a fuller understanding of why the sentence "Her petticoat was six inches deep in mud" existed.

This picture below was taken after my first foray into the Boroughbridge shopping district after we moved into Capstick Cottage.  I went in almost every shop looking for things we needed and trying to figure out what could be found where.

It looks like I came away with some kitchen towels, a glass jar for holding kitchen utensils, a small trash can, baskets for our empty bookshelves, and it's quite possible the small bag holds a candle.  It was definitely exhausting/an adventure figuring out where to find things not just in Boroughbridge, but beyond.  Moving to another country really puts you at square 0 for knowing basic life information.

I do really miss living right there in the heart of things.  It was fun feeling like you could step out your front door right into the thick of it, which I realize this photo doesn't convey at all.  Trust me this street was actually quite busy, most of the action coming to and from the vet's.

This is the street where we used to live from the other direction.

Did someone mention mud?  That walk was definitely when the kids were still completely unused to the whole "Let's go for a walk with no real destination in mind" thing.  They've come a long way.  We all have.

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