Thursday, October 13, 2016

10 Random Photos Around Boroughbridge

Tonight, because it's late and I don't have many original thoughts left in my brain, I thought I'd just post a few pictures from around town in 2015 that I have on file. Sometimes you do what you gotta do to make it through a 31-day blogging challenge!  Here's 10 photos snapped on my phone of ordinary life for us in Boroughbridge.

Several people commented on how little James was in the post about his first Boroughbridge haircut. He really was so little when we moved!  But what always gets me more is Ella.  She's always the big girl, the big sister, but every time I look back at older photos I want to cry at how little she is.  She's grown a lot taller in the past two years.  As she should do of course.

The beautiful crocuses!  I felt like I understood The Secret Garden so much better after our first spring here.

This trail runs beside the River Ure, which runs through town, necessitating the bridge in Boroughbridge.

St. James's is the Church of England church in town.

This is a funny picture to me of James and his pal Jethro wrestling in the school yard after school one day.  Yes, this is their play area.

There's always something that makes me want to stop the car and take a picture.

Sniff, sniff, because all the clothing Ella is wearing in this picture is now too small.

Beautiful things just grow here so easily.

A Sunny day on the High Street - KJ likes to eat the all-day breakfast at Tasty Snacks on the left.

Evening walks are lovely.

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