Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Boroughbridge at Night

Tonight we found ourselves in that unfortunate predicament of being out of milk and bread with the next day being a school day.  I was starting to feel a little stress about it when I realized there was still plenty of time before the kids' bedtime to walk to the little convenience store in the center of town.  It takes us around 5 minutes 20 seconds to walk there.  James was complaining about how far it was one day so I timed it.

The kids were pretty enamored with the idea of walking around town in the near-dark, which prompted a few picture-snapping moments and exclamations of, "It's cool outside at night!"

They don't often get to see the lights on in the square.  

If you had asked James in our first few months living here about his favorite places in Boroughbridge he would have told you, "The Spar and the Sweet Shop."  For my American friends' information, Spar is a chain of little stores often found in the center of small towns.  It's a little bigger than a good-sized gas station, and you can buy a little bit of everything.  It's a great place to go when you don't feel brave enough for the supermarket.  

We got what we needed to face the morning with equanimity and saw three friends while we were at it.  Win, win.

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