Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easters Past, Part 2

The following Easter pictures find the Murphy children going through some awkward phases (mainly me) and moving from Gadsden to Arab, AL. They carry you through my college years and my last Easter as a Murphy. You'll notice the post ends with a shot of my brothers and I holding our Easter baskets in hand with eggs in them. Yes, they are real eggs, and yes, we just finished our Easter Egg Hunt. The next post will describe in detail why grown children were still participating in an egg hunt (I didn't want this to get too long).

I am missing some family pictures, but I think that may be because my dad hasn't finished scanning them yet. Instead, you will find some of my friend Dana and I. Those are very fun Easter memories for me that all started when my father (who pastors our church in Arab) asked people if they would park in the far corners of the parking lot on Easter, or even walk if they lived close by, so guests would have the room they needed and wouldn't have to walk as far through the parking lot. Perhaps he was not being serious when he mentioned walking, but something about the idea of walking to church on Easter morning appealed to Dana and I because we took up the challenge and from 1994 until 2004 I don't think we missed an Easter.

Sometimes our walk resulted in muddy shoes or blisters on our feet from walking a mile or so in new dress shoes, but it always resulted in fun memories. We are both huge fans of the movie, "Easter Parade," and more often then not would walk down the street singing, "Happy Easter, Happy Easter," and "In Your Easter Bonnet." My senior year, when I brought back the bonnet, we drove around Arab after church trying to find 5th Avenue so that we could walk upon it on Easter day. If you do not understand why we would do that, I will try to post a link to the lyrics to the Irving Berlin song, but posting a link didn't work for me yesterday, so we shall see. (You may not understand why we would do that even if you do know the song!)

1992-In front of the stone fireplace in the Gadsden log cabin

1993-I guess suspenders were in that year.

1994-Hmm..what's up with Jesse & Judson's smiles?

1995-I am really tempted to skip through my awkward years.

1996-I must have had a growth spurt because I look way taller than Josh.

1997-We only had individual shots that year. We probably couldn't all be ready at the same time, and most likely it was me holding a group picture up. This is the first Easter dress my mom did not make.

1998-Braces and some spray I got from Bath & Body Works that turned my hair a tawdry gold color. Very nice.

1999-We still haven't managed a group shot in a few years.

2000-Dana Smalley and I; I brought back the Easter bonnet that year (my senior year). It was also my first time to wear "pumps," which I'm not sure if anyone wears anymore.

2001-First year of college; It was a hard year of many changes, but some things remained the same, and that helped.

2002-Here we are again!

2004-My last Easter as a Murphy!

Also in 2004. My Uncle, Frank Murphy, who is a gifted artist came that year to take part in our service through painting.

2004 Egg Hunt: Who won that year? Jesse?

Easters Past

I wanted to read through the Bible again this year and decided to start in Matthew and alternate reading between the Old and New Testaments. KJ recently started in Genesis for our family worship times, so I decided to go to the Psalms next. Today I read Psalm 31, and there were several verses that made me think of Christ on the cross because we're told He quoted verse 5 before He died: "Into Your hand I commit my spirit; You have redeemed me, O LORD God of truth."

There are a lot of verses that I think are applicable to what Jesus was experiencing on the cross in this psalm. I like to think of Jesus saying verses 14-15: "But as for me, I trust in You, O LORD; I say, 'You are my God.' My times are in Your hand." Jesus was the perfect example for us of entrusting Himself to God WHEREVER HE WAS. He was perfect in His obedience. Our times are also in His hands, and we can entrust ourselves to Him.

My wonderful father recently took the time to scan all our family pictures taken before the digital age and put them on discs for my brothers and I. Here is a look back at some of our Easters.

My beautiful mother in 1981 before there were children

My Dad (also in 1981)

1982-I think I look like James would with a bonnet on.

1983-Me with my mother's father, Harley Lister, "Papa"

1984-My brother Josh and I

1985-My mother, Josh and I (Don't you love how we match?)

Also in 1985-I wanted to add this picture, because I have vague memories of getting our picture made up in this tree on several occasions.

1986-Our rental house in Gadsden; Might I add that my mother MADE the clothes my brother and I are wearing in every picture?

1987-In front of the famous azalea bushes at our log cabin home

1988-I know Jesse was here by this time, but I guess we weren't trusted to hold him. Now that I'm the mother, I know he probably couldn't make the photo shoot before church due to feeding or naptime.

1989-There's Jesse! Judson would have been a newborn at this time. He's probably sleeping or eating in the house. What a virtuous and hard-working mother I have! Notice the handiwork on my collar. She was still making my dresses.

1990-I'm not sure why there's no picture. Perhaps they ran out of film! But here is Judson in my Easter bonnet, so we must have gone to church that year, too.

1991-All four Murphy's at last! Please don't comment on my bangs.

I think 10 years worth of pictures are enough for now. I'll continue tomorrow.

Why the James Stewart Picture?

For all those who are wondering where the quote at the top of my blog came from, and why is there a picture of James Stewart or even, "Who is that guy in the black & white picture," here is an explanation.

If you don't recognize the man in the picture, then you may not even have seen "It's A Wonderful Life," and you definitely have some catching up to do. Jimmy Stewart starred in a wonderful movie version of the play, "Harvey." It is about a man who has a 6 foot white rabbit for a friend named Harvey. No one else can see this rabbit (except his sister on some occasions.) Elwood's (Stewart's character) older sister and niece live with him and are of course embarrassed by his seeming insanity and throughout the movie attempt to put him in an asylum. But Elwood is perfectly happy and oblivious throughout the whole thing, seeing the best in everyone and making friends everywhere he goes (including "those nasty bars"). It is a must-see movie for entertainment guaranteed to make you smile and determine to "just be pleasant." Below are some of my favorite quotes. If you appreciate witty old movies, you should definitely check out this one!

"Years ago my mother used to say to me, she'd say, 'In this world, Elwood, you must be' - she always called me Elwood - 'In this world, Elwood, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant.' Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. You may quote me."

"Harvey and I sit in the bars... have a drink or two... play the juke box. And soon the faces of all the other people they turn toward mine and they smile. And they're saying, 'We don't know your name, mister, but you're a very nice fella.' Harvey and I warm ourselves in all these golden moments."

"I'd just put Ed Hickey into a taxi. Ed had been mixing his rye with his gin, and I just felt that he needed conveying."

"I think the world and all of Ed, but he was spiffed."

Mailman: Beautiful day...
Elwood P. Dowd: Oh, every day is a beautiful day.

"Here, let me give you one of my cards."

Incidentally, the book Jimmy Stewart is reading in the picture is, "Sense & Sensibility" by Jane Austen.

To buy "Harvey," click here:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moments in Mothering

I wanted to have a spot where I could record all the funny things Ella says, so there will be a lot of these posts in the future. We had a visit from my brother, Judson, today, and he was eating out of a box of Cheez-Its that technically belong to Ella. She said in a conversational tone, "We need to save those so they don't run out." I think it was basically a very tactful way to say, "Don't eat all my Cheez-Its."

I also just overheard Ella say to Hillary, "You're following my mommy." "Where's your blog?" Wow. They learn the lingo so fast.

Tuesdays With Hillary

Welcome to my blog! Since it is Tuesday, and since I am counting on Hillary to help me design this blog tonight, it is only appropriate that I start out with a post about what she has meant to me and my family lately and what our Tuesdays are normally like.

Hillary Marie Winter is my husband's cousin (for you non-family members) and is currently living in Tuscaloosa going to Shelton Community College (although she will be leaving us soon for Nashville). She has been coming over twice a week since January to enjoy a couple of our favorite television shows but also to cook a meal. She has inspired me to really cook again after a season of mostly very quick and easy meals brought on by having two children. We have tried a lot of new recipes and made a lot of chocolate chip cookie cakes in the past 3 months, and it has been so much fun. Hillary is a blessing to us and a very easy person to have over to your house. She is fun for me, giving me contact with the outside world, and my children love her, too. Her company is not only enjoyed by me but by KJ, as well. Once when she could not come, I thought KJ might be glad for an evening alone with me, but he was very disappointed Hillary was not coming because he looks forward to her, too. (This might have had something to do with the fact that Hillary will play Super Mario Brothers with him on the Wii, and I will not because he jumps on my head.) Tonight we look forward to a new recipe from the Loveless Cafe cookbook she brought me from Nashville and funnel cake for dessert! (We also look forward to hopefully unraveling the mysteries of LOST together.) From all the Pugh family, we love you, Hillary, and our Tuesdays with you!

Our cake for the 24 Premiere Party: Hillary made the cake, and I provided the action figure.

Hillary and Ella coloring: This happens every night Hillary is here.

Me and Hillary in our super large CTU shirts

Homemade Belgian Waffles

KJ and Ella enjoying said waffles with bacon