Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easters Past

I wanted to read through the Bible again this year and decided to start in Matthew and alternate reading between the Old and New Testaments. KJ recently started in Genesis for our family worship times, so I decided to go to the Psalms next. Today I read Psalm 31, and there were several verses that made me think of Christ on the cross because we're told He quoted verse 5 before He died: "Into Your hand I commit my spirit; You have redeemed me, O LORD God of truth."

There are a lot of verses that I think are applicable to what Jesus was experiencing on the cross in this psalm. I like to think of Jesus saying verses 14-15: "But as for me, I trust in You, O LORD; I say, 'You are my God.' My times are in Your hand." Jesus was the perfect example for us of entrusting Himself to God WHEREVER HE WAS. He was perfect in His obedience. Our times are also in His hands, and we can entrust ourselves to Him.

My wonderful father recently took the time to scan all our family pictures taken before the digital age and put them on discs for my brothers and I. Here is a look back at some of our Easters.

My beautiful mother in 1981 before there were children

My Dad (also in 1981)

1982-I think I look like James would with a bonnet on.

1983-Me with my mother's father, Harley Lister, "Papa"

1984-My brother Josh and I

1985-My mother, Josh and I (Don't you love how we match?)

Also in 1985-I wanted to add this picture, because I have vague memories of getting our picture made up in this tree on several occasions.

1986-Our rental house in Gadsden; Might I add that my mother MADE the clothes my brother and I are wearing in every picture?

1987-In front of the famous azalea bushes at our log cabin home

1988-I know Jesse was here by this time, but I guess we weren't trusted to hold him. Now that I'm the mother, I know he probably couldn't make the photo shoot before church due to feeding or naptime.

1989-There's Jesse! Judson would have been a newborn at this time. He's probably sleeping or eating in the house. What a virtuous and hard-working mother I have! Notice the handiwork on my collar. She was still making my dresses.

1990-I'm not sure why there's no picture. Perhaps they ran out of film! But here is Judson in my Easter bonnet, so we must have gone to church that year, too.

1991-All four Murphy's at last! Please don't comment on my bangs.

I think 10 years worth of pictures are enough for now. I'll continue tomorrow.


  1. What fun memories! I usually make my kids pose in front of the azaleas on Easter morning, too. :)

  2. Good post, Lynn. I can see Ella and James in many of your childhood pictures.


  3. I love all of the pictures Lynn. It must have taken your dad forever to scan all of your pictures. Maybe I will be a good daughter and do that for my mother. That would be some task!

  4. Thanks, Bethany! It would certainly be a labor of love for your mom, because I think it took my dad a couple of years to do all of them. I'm so glad he did, though!

  5. You should post some of your azalea pictures, Leslie!