Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Driving through Glencoe

One thing I've learned about driving in the UK is that if you pull over every time you see a beautiful view you'll never get where you're going.  The drive to Inverness was no exception, and I took so many pictures from the car as we drove into the Highlands and through Glencoe.  We would really love to go back to Glencoe one day and spend some time walking the hills filled with waterfalls.

I've learned the secret to half-decent drive-by photos is using your longest lens.  That way you can shoot over guard rails or other cars and parts of the road.  Isn't Glencoe lovely? The hills, the mist, the water, and the heather are heart-stopping.

Eventually I had to ask K.J. to stop the car, and we pulled off beside a perfect Scottish stream.

The wildflowers were so beautiful.  James brought me these.

There's a James-boy in the distance.

There was such peace and quiet by that stream.  The water made the most pleasant sounds.  But onward we had to go.

On so many occasions here I take a picture and am blown away by the ridiculous beauty in the frame.  Just look at that little white house all alone in the mist.  There were so many beautiful hills that we decided to pull over and walk up one.  This decision ended up being murder on my injured foot, but when you see the picture I took at the top of the hill, you'll understand the desire to pull over!

There go Ella and K.J. up the hill.  I walked slowly and tried to be careful, but the uneven ground was obviously too much for my as yet-to-be-determined injury.


We stopped here to take pictures, and I'm still glad we did.  The view was too stunning not to get out and slowly take it in.

There were lots of waterfalls flowing down the hills in the distance.

The best part of it may have been watching the kids enjoy the spectacle before them.  Ella especially loved being in the Highlands.  She thought the house in front of the waterfall would be an excellent place to live.

As Anne said, "The world looks like something God had just imagined for his own pleasure, doesn't it?"  

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Thirty Days Hath September

Thirty days hath September...and didn't they go by quickly?  This has felt like the fastest month this year.

September 1 - An after-dinner game of two kinds of football simultaneously

September 2 - The cutest birthday girl and her funfetti pancakes

September 3 - My grandmother sent me a box of flavored creamers last year because they don't sell them here.  I was unashamedly excited to bring out all the pumpkin spice related things this month.  [Note:  I think flavored coffee creamer would be a better import than Twinkies!]

September 4 - A last day of summer holidays still life - James disappeared behind the counter before I could snap the picture.

September 5 - First Day of School

September 8 - First Day of Homeschool (Ella changed the chalkboard.)

September 9 - An after-dinner Rainbow

September 10 - Bedtime

September 12 - Amazing Days

September 13 - Picking up friends from the station

September 14 - Houseguests in the Morning

September 15 - Showing friends around includes coffee stops, treats, and smiles.

September 16 - There were some mishaps along the way, but this day ended with smiles.

September 17 - When guests come, you have to give them a proper tea party.

September 18 - Last Day

September 19 - Bedtime Smiles

September 20 - First Time Listening (The end had us all on the edge of our seats, even the ones who have read it before many times.)

September 21 - Prettiest little store, prettiest red ivy

September 22 - Dawn's Early Light

September 23 - I'm always trying to capture her sparkly brown eyes.

September 24 - Sunday Morning Views

September 25 - Parking spot for school pick-up

September 27 - Baked Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal for Church

September 28 - Taste of Home Treat

September 29 - Charity Shop Find

September 30 - Morning Birds, Fall Foliage

We're in party-planning mode today, greeting October with James's 8th birthday.  Excitement is pretty high.