Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesdays With Hillary

Welcome to my blog! Since it is Tuesday, and since I am counting on Hillary to help me design this blog tonight, it is only appropriate that I start out with a post about what she has meant to me and my family lately and what our Tuesdays are normally like.

Hillary Marie Winter is my husband's cousin (for you non-family members) and is currently living in Tuscaloosa going to Shelton Community College (although she will be leaving us soon for Nashville). She has been coming over twice a week since January to enjoy a couple of our favorite television shows but also to cook a meal. She has inspired me to really cook again after a season of mostly very quick and easy meals brought on by having two children. We have tried a lot of new recipes and made a lot of chocolate chip cookie cakes in the past 3 months, and it has been so much fun. Hillary is a blessing to us and a very easy person to have over to your house. She is fun for me, giving me contact with the outside world, and my children love her, too. Her company is not only enjoyed by me but by KJ, as well. Once when she could not come, I thought KJ might be glad for an evening alone with me, but he was very disappointed Hillary was not coming because he looks forward to her, too. (This might have had something to do with the fact that Hillary will play Super Mario Brothers with him on the Wii, and I will not because he jumps on my head.) Tonight we look forward to a new recipe from the Loveless Cafe cookbook she brought me from Nashville and funnel cake for dessert! (We also look forward to hopefully unraveling the mysteries of LOST together.) From all the Pugh family, we love you, Hillary, and our Tuesdays with you!

Our cake for the 24 Premiere Party: Hillary made the cake, and I provided the action figure.

Hillary and Ella coloring: This happens every night Hillary is here.

Me and Hillary in our super large CTU shirts

Homemade Belgian Waffles

KJ and Ella enjoying said waffles with bacon


  1. I do feel bereft when Hillary is not there on Tuesdays.


  2. HOORAY!! I am so THRILLED about your blog . . . your BEAUTIFUL blog! Seriously, giddy that I you will be keeping us posted on the happenings of you and your sweet family. Looking forward to quotes from Ella. And, the Kizziah's love Hillary too!!

  3. Hey
    Thanks so much for setting this up. Now I can get more pictures of my grands!!! Love you
    Big Daddy

  4. Thanks, Big Daddy and Katie! I am excited about it, too, especially as a record of these wonderful days.