Monday, October 24, 2016

Pontem de Burgo, The Bridge Near Burgh

K.J. sometimes explains differences between Americans and the English like this:  To an American, anything over 200 years old is really old, but not so for the English.  We were once told by a lady showing us around an old church building that "This part is Victorian and of little interest."  Because granted, Victorian was pretty new compared to the Celtic carvings found in the other parts of the stone church.  But distance is the complete opposite.  It's easier to drive long distances in America (not to mention cheaper), and so Americans do and don't think anything of it, but being a country only 240 years old, makes relating to signposts like this feel kind of crazy at first.

It's no big deal, just a battle fought here against the Earls of Lancaster in 1322.

The first bridge crossing the River Ure was built to access the next village over, which many years ago was a Roman settlement.  Eventually, a town grew up around the bridge.  Wikipedia told me the first mention of the bridge was in Latin (thus the title of this post) in 1155.  

There's usually a beautiful view walking across the bridge.  Ella and I walked over and back after the rain cleared on Saturday.

We had so much rain last December that the river overflowed the bottom half of the bridge.  I'm told the floodwaters have made it all the way into town before, too.  It's a good thing we live on a hill!

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