Sunday, October 9, 2016

Autumn in Boroughbridge

Today was a very rain, sun, rain, sun, rain and sun together, kind of day.  I took a little Autumn Beauty Walk around town, bringing along a plastic bag to protect my camera in the event of a rain shower (of which there was one).  This is a little bit of a continuation on a theme from my last post since it involves what you can see when you go for a walk this time of year and keep your eyes lifted up.

I love autumn days like today.  For a little while yesterday the air turned colder, and I needed a coat and scarf, and it made me feel sad.  There's a bit of a melancholy feeling thinking about shorter days ahead and having to bundle up in lots of layers before going outside.  There's a lot of beauty to be found in the winter, but in some ways October feels like the last nice month of the year.


I'll have to make a winter bucket list to get myself geared up for what's ahead.  For now, I'm greatly enjoying October.  If you're on the internet at all you know how Anne Shirley felt about October. Here's another good Anne quote:

"The world looks like something God had 
just imagined for his own pleasure, doesn't it?"

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