Friday, October 14, 2016

The Boroughbridge Library

I've been reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets aloud to Ella at night for the past week (it has been such a joy to share it with her, listening to her gasp in all the right places), and a couple of nights ago we read that semi-famous line of Ron's when he describes Hermione's tendencies:  When in doubt, go to the library.  That's always been my philosophy, too, though for different reasons than Hermione's.

Our local library is small but nonetheless a pleasure because it's a library, and libraries are full of magic.  That reminds me of another good quote about libraries:

And even though it's small I can usually find something I've been wanting to read.  The shelves are pretty well stocked.  And the plus side is that we actually do have access to even more books since all North Yorkshire Libraries are interconnected.  We love visiting the library whenever we go to other nearby towns.  We can borrow from one branch and return at our local branch.

Libraries are also a good place to run into friends.  And for old times sake, a picture from a little over a year ago:

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