Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Shoe Shop for Boroughbridge

There's only six more days of Write 31 Days...  I can do this!  I've missed three days here and there this month and didn't want to miss another, so I'm popping in to showcase a new establishment to the streets of Boroughbridge this year.

This new shoe shop opened before we went home for the summer, but I hadn't been inside.  I believe it was only children's shoes when it first opened.  Ella and I popped in Saturday afternoon on a whim and ended up having a lovely conversation with the shop owner and finding Ella some boots to keep her toes toasty warm all winter long.

The brown boots hanging there may look suede, but they are actually waterproof and super-soft and cozy on the inside.  And most importantly, Ella was really excited about them.  It was also nice to discover they were also carrying women's boots as well.  Boroughbridge hasn't had a shoe shop since we moved here; I'm sure this makes life easier for a lot of parents.  I know KJ was a bit put out that we drove 40 minutes down the road to a shopping mall looking for shoes the previous Saturday when we could have found them here all along.  Lesson learned, KJ, lesson learned.

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