Sunday, September 25, 2016


I had this desire when we were home to capture every little thing that stood out to me as being distinctly Alabama.  I wanted to photograph every cotton field, every hay bale and tractor, and all the forests and old downtown areas.  With KJ breaking his ankle and me having to do all the driving, the heat, the mosquitoes, and lots of engagements with other people, I didn't quite have the time to photograph all I wanted to, but I paid attention.  KJ and I both paid attention to every little detail.  It was a nice side effect of having been away for 21 months.  You notice things that escaped your notice and your gratitude and enjoyment in the day-to-day.  For instance, in North Yorkshire, we really love how far your eye can see.  The views are amazing without lots of trees.  This summer we really appreciated how forested Alabama is in contrast.

Trees, trees, trees, as far as the eye can see

I did walk around my parents' new little town with James.  He loved me for taking him out of the air-conditioned house into the burning sunshine, I can tell you.

I listened to a podcast recently where a lady visiting the south from Los Angeles kept seeing these Yeti signs everywhere, not to mention on bumper stickers and t-shirts.  She thought maybe she was missing out on a cool new band and was flabbergasted when she finally asked and learned it was the brand of a cooler/"premium ice chest."  That made me laugh because that tells you something about Alabama culture.

Note the American flag hanging from a crane in the back left corner of this picture.  That also tells you something.

I love small-town Alabama.  Every time I went out I overheard a conversation about going to church, whether they were going to the Wednesday service or not, how they knew they needed to get back in church.  

Alabama is a place of beautiful lakes.

It feels like there are a never-ending supply of sunny days, with quick thunderstorms that roll in and out, leaving the air sometimes more refreshing, sometimes just more damp with humidity, but always with a chance to splash in rain puddles.

The air is full of the loud songs of grasshoppers and crickets and air conditioning units laboring hard to keep up with the heat.  That's what I was hearing when I took this photo.

There are tall, thin pine trees sheltering swarms of mosquitoes ready to take all the blood I can spare.

There is good food:  fried chicken, butter beans, corn nuggets (!!), green beans, macaroni and cheese, and dinner rolls the size of your fist.

Fried Okra, be still my heart.

Summer squash, one of the few "real" foods I can't find in North Yorkshire

Barbecue and Mexican Food of course...of course.

Plastic cutlery and a slice of white bread, there's no need to be puttin' on airs here.

Alabama, we're really glad you're our sweet home.

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