Friday, September 2, 2016

August in Alabama

When it comes to our August in Alabama, the only thing to say is that it has been a complete joy.  Even with KJ's broken ankle the joy wasn't marred too much.  In fact, a couple of Sundays ago we were driving home from church and KJ said, "This trip has just been so great."  I agreed, then both of our eyes fell on his leg enclosed in its big black boot and the crutches leaning beside him in the car and laughed.

August 1 - Pugh Cousins on a Porch Swing

August 2 - Air Hockey with Isaac at the Movie Theater

August 3 - A Trip to our Home-town Library

August 4 - Driving to the Mountains

August 5 - Chasing Waterfalls with My Dad

August 6 - Two Kids who Love their Aunt Sandy

August 7 - Murphy Cousins

August 8 - Pumpkin Pie Yogurt (Fall is coming!)

August 9 - Quiet Morning with a mystery and coffee

August 10 - Family Doctor's Visit to have stitches removed (The kids didn't want to watch.)

August 11 - Humidity + My Mom's new favorite hair product = Curls

August 12 - Sewing Lessons

August 13 - Meeting 2nd Cousin Judah Sikes

August 14 - Reunited Friends

August 15 - James's First Dentist Appointment

August 16 - College Friend and meeting her 4th baby

August 17 - Fun Faux Movie Posters in the Kids Space at Alberta Baptist Church

August 18 - Watching Savage Sam with Aunt Sandy and Uncle Jesse

August 19 - It was so good to see these handsome cousins together again!

August 20 - Pugh Family Reunion

August 21 - James in church with his cousin and his grandfather

August 22 - Afternoon Movie with the Brother-in-law

August 23 - Aunt Katie and Eden

August 24 - Sweating at the Park

August 25 - Friends We Love

August 26 - Golfing with Big Daddy in Matching Minecraft t-shirts

August 27 - Dippin' Dots at the Waterpark

August 28 - Family Picture with Uncle Judson

August 29 - James got some Post-it Notes from Wal-Mart; I found this one stuck to my rear end.

August 30 - Getting a trim from Gramma

August 31 - Back to School Shopping at the Mall

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