Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This Morning

I'm feeling a bit tired this morning.  I stay up too late sometimes.  (I'm sorry, Mom.)  Also, I've been waking up earlier than I have to, and rolling over and going back to sleep doesn't come naturally to me.  If I wake up, my mind starts going with a million thoughts about the day.  Also, my husband is gone, so he's not here to say, "Let's go to bed."  I really do need to try to go to bed earlier tonight.  Maybe making this a public goal will be good accountability. 

Yesterday we had a quiet day.  I've appreciated so much the people who have surrounded our family while KJ is away.  It helps keep the sadness of missing him at bay, though we will be so happy for him to return home and have life return to normal.  But my day was quiet, as the kids spent the afternoon and evening with KJ's mom, while I prepared and taught a Bible study with some girls in our church.  It was a very peaceful afternoon for me, and the kids had fun with T.  I've been enjoying time with friends at night re-watching some favorites.  Have I mentioned I really like BBC's new Sherlock?   I think I have.  I think last night was my fourth time through the first episode (We've shared it with a lot of friends.). 

Today's big goals are to make it to the grocery store, have fun with my kids, and rejoice in the Lord always while I'm doing it.  I think those goals are pretty attainable if I relax and just take whatever the day may bring.  Ella has been great while KJ has been gone.  James is sweet, too, but he's in a more challenging stage.  I'm having to learn new ways to discipline and teach him obedience.  He's running into everything, falling down, bumping his head, and arching his back and crying when he's told, "No."  But that all comes with the territory of a 19 1/2 month old.  

Ella is ready for breakfast, so I better get going, and HERE is a little summary of my third year of married life.

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