Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Gift

There's no denying that the constant demands of mothering full-time can be difficult.  Constant demands of any kind are difficult, whatever they may be.  But while playing in the yard last night with the kids after KJ came home, it hit me afresh how precious my duties are.  I wouldn't want to be doing anything else but this.


  1. I promise you will never regret doing it!!! You won't even regret the things you have had to do without so that you could be a full time mother! And you will probably raise children who will want the same ~ just speaking from a little experience!

  2. You are the best Mommy, and I'm so thankful you married such a wonderful man! :) Your children's expressions in the photos are precious. Can't wait till June!! (And thank you for your encouraging comments on our blog. Much love, my sweet, sweet sister.