Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ella Quotes

There have been a few moments this week when Ella has said something, and I think, "Oh! I have to remember to tell KJ."  I really need to write things down immediately at that point because you know how it is...things leave your brain so quickly.  I know these things would mean a lot to KJ if he had been here.

"I know who else we can pray for.  Daddy!!!"

"I need to keep the ring of power safe."

"Daddy's coming back for Father's Day."

There is one more on the fringes of my mind that I know he would have loved to hear.  I'm sure it is related to something they do together or something he really likes.  Maybe it will come back to me.  But tonight is the second time this week I've heard Ella reference "the ring of power," and I thought it was worth recording.  

You have a daughter, KJ Pugh.  You have a daughter.  She's not just mine.

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