Monday, April 5, 2010

Reasons I love my Husband

Today as I've been caring for children and doing laundry and mopping the floor, my mind has been going over reasons I love my husband, KJ. I wasn't even doing this purposefully to overcome some irritation; these thoughts were just running through my head of their own accord. So, I thought I would share some in totally random order.

1. He didn't ask how much money I spent on Easter dress, shoes, and accessories (the point here is that he trusts me, and that's what I like).

2. He allows me to read aloud to him from books like, "Anne of Green Gables," "Pride & Prejudice," and "Mansfield Park." Not only does he listen, but he laughs in all the right places, catching every nuance and turn of phrase. He has exquisite taste.

3. I love how he takes care of our yard and lets Ella "help" him. She loves to go to Lowe's with Daddy.

4. I love how he told me the other day that I never have to justify how I spend my time. He "trusts me implicitly." (I love that he trusts me, and I love that he said "implicitly.")

5. I love how he parents our children and takes the initiative.

6. I love the things we enjoy doing together. One of the only interests he has that we don't share is computer games, but he lets me read to him while he plays them, so it's a fair deal.

7. I love that I just mentioned to him one day last month a few things that needed to be done that were bugging me, and when I came home, he had done them all (ironing, laundry, mildew in the shower).

8. I love his incredible talent of telling me exactly what other movies or television shows actors have been in when I can't figure out where I've seen them before.

9. I love that he gets up when Ella knocks on the wall in the morning and lets me have a few more blessed minutes under the covers.

10. I love our perfect camaraderie.

11. I love that he quotes Jane Austen movies frequently and unashamedly.

12. I love that I can quote Star Wars, or Andy Griffith or anything in between and he always recognizes it immediately.

13. I love it when he won't "let" me do something that he knows is just going to stress me out, no matter how much I wish I could do it.

14. I love his forgiveness when I speak in absolutes. ("You don't understand ANYTHING!" "I have to do EVERYTHING!"--none of those things are true, and now we just laugh as soon as they start to come out of my mouth.)

I'm sure the list could go on, but Ella is calling from the bathroom.


  1. What a blessing to find this unexpected post! It is, after all, the small things that add up to marital bliss.

    I love you so much. Many maidens have done well, but you exceed them all!


  2. Recognizing faces, voices, and mannerisms of actors/actresses and being able to place them is probably my superpower. Not remembering names is probably my power's weakness. I am glad you love me for it.

  3. Lynn,
    Thank you for loving our son. We began praying for you before KJ was even born. God answered that prayer "far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think." Love you so.
    Big Daddy

  4. Thank you for sharing this list, that - like you said - could continue on. K.J. is wonderful. And he was blessed with a wonderful bride in you, my sister. I love you both so much.