Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Medicine I Need

On days like today (that start far too early) I feel like my blog post may be a pep talk to myself. James was doing so well sleeping, and it felt like we were establishing a good routine, and now we are back at square one. Babies are like that. They're always growing and changing and having to learn the sleeping skill all over again after every growth spurt, sickness, or vacation that comes their way. In our case, James is recovering from his first extended exposure to pollen in the air.

So, what gets you through those crazy days? One thing I've found lately is laughter. Doesn't it feel good to laugh? I have fond memories of my 20th birthday part at my grandparents with four or five college girlfriends, and it seemed like we just laughed through the entire meal. I miss that. Sometimes we don't laugh often enough. So, some things that have made me laugh lately?

I happened to catch a couple of episodes recently while I have been rocking James, and they have cracked me up. The episodes I've seen have been of Denise and then Vanessa coming home announcing their marriage and engagement, respectively. I sure hope Ella never pulls a stunt like that. Both episodes resulted in genuine and unrestrained laughter. Something else that made me laugh was reading a church sign my husband's cousin took a picture of last night.

The reasoning behind church's doing stuff like this is beyond me. If they aren't going to use Scripture, there are still a vast array of witty quotes that actually have meaning and don't sound ridiculous. However, such signs are good for a deep belly laugh like I enjoyed last night when I first saw this picture.

A merry heart does good, like medicine. Proverbs 17:22a

I hope the God who created laughter keeps your heart merry today, and that somewhere you find a good dose of medicine.


  1. haha! "Impasta"--I love it! But I'm with you... if you're going to put something witty on a church sign, at least make it something that has reference to God, Jesus, or the Bible--you know, one of those things we are supposed to be talking about in church. But it is good for a laugh, for sure.

  2. I remember one of more stressful moments in mothering your husband. he looked at me with his 3 year old face and said, "Mommy, one day we are going to look back on this and laugh".

    Always way beyond his years...but truth...sometimes the gift of laughter is sweet medicine.

    Hang in there precious girl. We love you so. By the way, my grandchildren, though a bother at moments are the sweetest on the planet. They will be your greatest and most lasting achievement.

  3. Thanks for sharing, sweet Lynn. I love you. Glad you got to have a date tonight with your dear hubs. (I was laughing at Bill Cosby the other day was an episode where he didn't say anything for about 10 minutes, but I was still rolling!) Hope tonight is a good one. Oh, sweet baby James!

  4. I'm glad ya'll enjoyed the laughs! We enjoyed our date night so much, but I am glad to be the mother of our sweet children!