Wednesday, April 21, 2010

At Day's End

If I wrote that Ella went to bed tonight wearing no panties would it say anything about what my day was like?  

I rose at 5:30 to feed James and put him back to bed, went back to bed myself for a little while (thank you KJ for getting up with Ella!), got up and fed James again, read my Bible, cleaned up the kitchen, put James down for a nap, did laundry, made Ella lunch, fed James again, cleaned the kitchen again, put James down for a nap, sanded the high chair (preparing to paint), rocked James back to sleep when he woke early, helped Ella water the plants, put in more laundry, started painting the highchair, fed James again, fixed supper, fed James solids, played with Ella and James, got James ready for bed, got Ella ready for bed and in bed, put James to bed, did more laundry...

Is my life repetitive or what?  KJ asked me when I did something, and I said, "I'm not sure.  Sometime recently.  All my days run together."  I am physically and emotionally tired, but I really don't want to complain too much, but if any other young mother would like to get together and commiserate, please feel free.   But on to the high points.

  1. I think my high chair is going to turn out well.  I am spray painting it black to match my dining table and chairs.
  2. James makes me smile.  I put him to bed, but when I walked back to his room to check on him I heard giggling.
  3. I finished watching a version of Persuasion during my rocking and feeding sessions with James today, and it was so good.  I love Masterpiece Theater on Sunday nights.  We've been recording them, and this was a good but kind of short version of the Jane Austen book.  I really enjoyed Rupert Penry-Jones as Captain Wentworth.
  4. KJ gave me some sweet words of encouragement tonight.  They were much needed.  I am glad he has an imagination and can imagine what life is like for me now.
  5. Ella was good-natured about going to bed without panties.  I felt that my opening sentence needed some explanation.  She got her panties a little wet this afternoon, and when I went to get a clean pair found that there were none.  So I put in a load of laundry with all her clothes but between making dinner and caring for James, I neglected to get that load in the dryer before bedtime.  I forgot all about them!  (SIGH)  At least she didn't complain, and the panties are in the dryer now.

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