Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last Night's LOST Party

Last night's LOST party had an extra fun element because KJ's brother, Kameron, is home for Spring Break and was able to come.

(Photography by KJ)

Monday night we had barbecue pork for dinner that I cooked in the crock pot all day. I've started doing crock pot meals on Monday nights because KJ comes in late because of visitation, and Hillary comes over late after class to watch 24, so that way everyone can eat when they want to, and it stays hot and fresh.

KJ happened to have barbecue at his parents' house for lunch yesterday, too, and I really wanted to use up the rest of the meat without him getting bored with eating barbecue sandwiches, so I was think of another way to serve our pork. (I'm not trying to be overly spiritual, but don't you all pray about the everyday normal things in your life? Besides, preparing meals my husband will enjoy is part of loving him, and I think God cares DEEPLY about that as well as how I run my home, SO I prayed about this, too.)

Then, (light bulb above my head), I thought, "Barbecue Pizza!" It's my husband's absolute favorite and the only thing I ever see him eat more of than he should. I have only ever had Barbecue Chicken pizza, but I figured why not with pork? So I searched online and found a recipe by Emeril, and I already had most of the ingredients. I cheated and just bought a refrigerated pizza crust because this was a last-minute idea, and I had already made my pork, but otherwise we followed the recipe:

So, the kids and I made a quick trip to Winn-Dixie to get pizza dough, cheese, bell pepper, and an onion, and Hillary and I had a blast making what turned out to be absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS pizza.

Ella was helping Hillary pull apart the onion rings and had her first experience with the effects of onions on your eyes. You might be able to see the tear glistening on her cheek.

Ella was a little shy of onions after that.

Grating the Monterey Jack cheese

Homemade barbecue sauce

Oven ready



  1. That looks yummy! Wasn't Lost so good?

  2. That looks amazing!! I will have to try that as it is my husband's favorite as well. Actually, your husband probably had some influence on that.