Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Easter Pictures

I don't have 2007 pictures on this computer, and 2008 I had to have knee surgery the Friday before Easter, so needless to say I wasn't at church. My dad came to visit us in Louisville that week though, bringing Ella an Easter bonnet.

Back home, Nicole had joined the family fun.

2009-First Easter in Tuscaloosa (James is on the way!)

Back in Arab...

I know that's been a lot of Easter pictures! After tomorrow, there won't be any for another year, I promise! But I have also promised my mother to post lots of pictures tomorrow, because she made both Ella's and James' clothes. She is carrying on her wonderful tradition. I think she has made all of Ella's Easter dresses thus far just as she made mine. Both of my children are very snotty-nosed at the moment, though, so I hope we make it to church!

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