Friday, April 23, 2010


Ella and I got to go on a fun outing to the library yesterday afternoon.  Going to the library has always been one of my favorite things to do.  My first library memories are from the Gadsden Public Library.  I wonder if it would still be the magical place it was to me as a child if I went there today?  It would probably seem much smaller.  The children's section and adult section were in two separate rooms, and the children's section had these cool alcoves you could get inside to read.  I loved to do that.  One of my favorite things to do was go with my dad on Saturdays.  He needed a quiet place to read and prepare his sermon, so we would spend the afternoon.  While dad was on the second floor of the adult wing researching things on microfiche, I was reading and inserting a floppy disk of Oregon Trail in the Apple computer.  The library in Arab was a little bit of a disappointment after that magical place (mostly because it was smaller), but I frequented that library as well.  The summer we moved I would ride my bike across town, fill my bag up with books and ride back home.  Libraries are fun.

I think Ella will have good memories from the library as well.  Lately she always wants to sit at the children's table and read her books before we check them out and go home.  It is fun watching her interact with other kids who will come and sit beside her.  Sometimes they read together, and last month, she perused a magazine with another little girl.  She hasn't learned to use the computers yet, but that time will come very soon I'm sure, and it is still a magical thing to go upstairs to the adult section.  As Ella said yesterday when we reached the summit and could see out over the whole library, "The library is awesome."

The Library Fountain

Reading Last Fall

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  1. The library was my sanctuary of a quiet place when all four of you were small. Paul would come home and I would meet him in the driveway and hand off a baby, then head for a quiet place. Just for an hour... Libraries are awesome!!