Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life Without KJ

Yesterday marked the first day of 4 of KJ being gone.  He is attending a conference in Louisville with his dad and several men from our church.  I am glad he is going because I know it will be a fun and refreshing time, and he will be reconnecting with several old friends from seminary days.  That being said, it was a sad good-bye at our house yesterday morning.  Ella put her head in her hands and cried and said Thursday was "a long time to wait."

We  are determined to "take every opportunity to enjoy ourselves" while he is away, though, and yesterday the enjoyment began by my purchasing a new camera.  We had decided we would be doing that soon, but when KJ took our  current camera with him to Louisville I decided I couldn't live for 4 days without one.  My children are too cute!  So we did some quick research online and discussion over the phone, and I bought a Nikon Coolpix L110.  I  posted a few pictures tonight, and am looking forward to reading the manual some more today and playing around with the video feature.  You can recored in HD!

Also, to keep us company, Hillary came over to spend the night.  She and Ella colored some pictures from UP and she also had some snuggle time with James before bed.


Then we watched as Jack Bauer's heart was shattered again, and I learned how to change the color settings on my camera.


We had a delightful morning in which I must brag on sweet Ella.  She graciously allowed me to get a little extra sleep while she watched a Shirley Temple movie in her room and drank chocolate milk.  We are excited about the day ahead.



                                                     Going to School  :)

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