Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby Love

My son James is SUCH a precious baby. He is content to sit and play but is also extremely sociable. He loves to talk and laugh and smile (especially at his mommy). Last Wednesday we went out to enjoy the wonderful spring weather, and as a result, he now has a runny nose, congestion and is coughing. (I REALLY hope this doesn't happen each time we go outside!)

My poor boy couldn't nap on Sunday because he would wake up coughing, and his nose has been pouring. When I lay him down he cries because he can't breathe on his back. His cry is so pitifully sweet and hoarse, and he has retained all his preciousness even in his misery.

I was just rocking him to sleep and wanted to share with the world how sweet my baby is. I love the way his plump little body feels in my arms and the way he places his dimpled hand on my shoulder. I love how he snuggles his head down on my other shoulder in such contentment as soon as he feels the motion of the rocking chair and hears the first words of "Jesus Loves Me."

One day he will be a big, strong man, and I know I will be so proud to be his mother. He will be taller than me, and I will be the one to rest my head on his shoulder when we hug, but until then I will enjoy my baby snuggles with the best little boy in the world!

Here are a few pictures of my precious guy while he's been sick.

KJ said the caption should read: "Hey, baby. Like my ride?"

We thought a little cold liquid would feel good on his throat so I introduced the cup for the first time yesterday.

He took right to it!

Still smiling!

Holding the handle


  1. That's it. That is marking moments in your heart and mind that you will always remember. Praise the Lord for your blog that will keep this precious record of precious moments and memories in tact. Love you all, T.

  2. Sweet post. He definitely prefers you to rock him, but he also settles down for me at the first words of "Jesus Loves Me."