Thursday, April 29, 2010

Moments in Mothering (My Sweet Girl)

My Ella can be unbelievably sweet.  She's so perceptive and aware of my emotions and reactions.  I wanted to jot down a couple of things before they slipped my mind.  

We store a bucket full of Play-doh and Play-doh supplies on top of our stackable washer and dryer.  The machine must have been shaking a little bit during the spin cycle (the dryer is running also), and I heard this tremendous crash from the bathroom.  It sounded like breaking glass and a million other things.  I was horrified, expecting to see a huge disaster or mess, all the while not really knowing what it could be when I came racing to the scene.  Ella came running from the living room at the same time.  Thankfully, it was just the bucket filled with cookie cutters and sundry other supplies that had toppled from the top of the dryer.

My poor girl must have seen her mother lose it over things a few times because when I said, "What was that?"  She immediately went to consoling me.  "It's okay.  It was just the play-doh." 

"It scared me," I said.  "Me, too," Ella replied.  "But it's okay.  I'll clean it all up."  So precious.  So she cleaned up all the mess and when I said we needed to find a new place to keep it, she found one:  in a kitchen cabinet with the pots.  Whatever.  I told her that would work for now. It's out of sight anyway.  

A few minutes later she was going to the bathroom preparatory to getting in the shower.  Sometimes she gets her panties a little wet because she doesn't pull them down far enough and she'll have her legs spread apart too far when she's going.  KJ told her to pull her pants all the way down, and I was instructing her to keep her legs close together (I am only talking about this because she's 3), and she said oh so sweetly, "Okay.  It's good to tell me what to do."  Oh, that she would always have such an attitude toward our instruction!  

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  1. Sweetest Ella. She is a dear little girl. Thank you for sharing.