Friday, April 9, 2010

Moments in Mothering

Ella: Mom, I can make music with my food.

Me: What? How do you do that?

Ella: Like this: (followed by dancing around as she smacks while she eats her goldfish)

That about sums up my day.

Oh, and James sat in the buggy for the first time!


  1. OK poor second child gets to actually ride in the shopping cart without the cover?

  2. I didn't have it with me; it was an unplanned excursion, and I just thought I'd try it because I didn't want to lug that seat out of the car. I did feel bad because he was holding on to the side of the cart and then putting his hands in his mouth. Next time. :)

  3. What precious children. Thank you for letting us share in these "moments." Great to see you guys today - two days in a row - TOO WONDERFUL!! :) Love to you all. Better night? Hope it is!