Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chateau Sarceaux

The Chateau Sarceaux was such a relaxing place.  I wish we could have stayed longer.  I'll share more pictures later, but here's a little glimpse of our morning.

 The Salon

This is what awaited us in the dining room. Isn't it beautiful and wonderful?  Freshly-squeezed orange juice, crunchy and soft croissants, and the most delicious marmalade I've ever tasted.  I drank hot tea and tried my first French coffee, heavy on the milk and sugar. :)

   The man of the Year
What an anniversary present this was...

Our hostess was so kind and let us explore all the rooms and take pictures.  We were sad to leave.  We had several hours to drive in the car today headed back to Paris, with one planned stop at Fountainebleau.  When we arrived late this afternoon we found that the palace was closed on Tuesdays, but the grounds were open, and we enjoyed walking through them.  They were beautiful, and not touring the palace made it possible to get back to Paris in time to have dinner with Parker, so it has been a pretty relaxed day.

What's for dinner?  Crepes.  I stuck to my roots and ordered the l'anglo saxonne


  1. Was this before the evening at the end of which KJ got stuck on the train? A fitting end to a fun couple of days!

    1. Yes! After we ate the above crepes that night KJ went to return the car to the airport and had his little misadventure. :)