Saturday, May 11, 2013

Thursday + Friday Recap

If you were to assume that I took 350 pictures every day of the mission trip, you would probably be correct.  Since it's impossible to share every moment and every detail of the last two days of our trip right now, I tried to choose a representative photo or two of our activities

Thursday morning we had a little free time, time to sleep in, time for the more enthusiastic of the crowd to go for a run.  We went into Paris with a group from Emmanuel Church for lunch and some authentic French cuisine.

I had the salade verte and Choucroute Alsacienne.  They looked like this.

It was all very good; I couldn't quite finish all my sausages.  :

We then met up with a few other members of Parker's youth group and Emmanuel International Church, as well as a couple of people we met at the Polyglot on Tuesday to visit Versailles.  To say that it is grand would be a vast understatement.  I'll give you two small glimpses.

 Evan, Seth, and Chris with a new friend met at Polyglot,
from Tunisia.

 The girls with our new friend, Ran

Thursday ended with crepes, more opportunities with people at Polyglot, and a late-night walk home through the streets of Paris.  

 Train ride home from Versailles with girls
in Parker's youth group

Friday morning the tiredness started to hit me, but we had a another really great day.  We visited St. Denis, where Parker did a lot of work during his first few years in Paris; had another opportunity to give some literature to a Punjabi man; prayed for all the people from North Africa in the city; sent Amy and Chris off to Italy; met up with Sam and Ashlea who have spent the semester in the south of France; souvenir shopped; drank the best hot chocolate in the world, and took one last group picture. That is a quick summary.

 The Dream Team

 They're engaged!!

 Sweet Sisters

Vive la France!


  1. KJ cracks me up in this last photo, smiling like the Cheshire Cat!