Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunday and Monday

I've only got access to the internet for a few minutes, but I wanted to try to share quickly about the past two days.

Seth led the music during the service Sunday and did a wonderful job.  We had a wonderful service at Emmanuel International Church, truly an International Church.

After the service we joined Parker in the loft with the youth for Sunday School.  It was really good to see the work he is doing and the people he is working with.  After church we shared a meal and enjoyed such wonderful fellowship.

We then walked "into Town," as Parker says.  It makes me laugh to hear walking into Paris called going to town.  We spent some time with members of his church and walked through the city, seeing a couple of famous monuments along the way.

 This picture of us doesn't even look real to me.  I feel like we Photoshopped ourselves in front of the Eiffel Tower.

The Arc of Triomphe was my favorite thing we saw Sunday.  It is just beautiful, and KJ, Kevin, and I climbed a million spiral steps to the top.
 It also gave us a great view of the Tower.

   Yesterday we went Metro-hopping, riding to different stops on the subway line, looking for the Punjabi people we could give information about the Punjabi church.  Many men are selling things on the streets and inside the stations.  I didn't want to be obvious about taking a few pictures, so I just "shot from the hip" and got a few pictures.

 We split up in groups, riding different lines, and met back up in the afternoon to visit a cathedral, the correct spelling of which I don't have time to look up at the moment.

 I guess I didn't put the picture of the cathedral on my harddrive, but it has a nice view, right?

We ended the night with dinner and worship with a Punjabit church in the home of a couple from the IMB.  It was really wonderful.  I wish I had more time to share details, but we are off for the day! 


  1. What a day! I wish I could be there with y'all this weekend, but I have an oral final exam on Friday. My lovely fiancee, however, will be there. She's so excited!


    1. We're sorry to miss you, Sam, but can't wait to see your FIANCEE!!!

  2. Love the pictures! I can't wait to hear all the details about walking and sharing the gospel with the people you met on the street. :)

    1. Thanks, Leslie! I can't wait to share; our sharing time at the church might go on and on... :)