Wednesday, May 8, 2013


We're having a little slower of a start this morning; everyone is finishing up a delicious breakfast prepared by the ladies of the churchYesterday we left the church by 9:30 and went to an area of the city where a lot of North Africans live and there is a huge market.  One group stayed outside of the market and passed out the Gospel of John in French.  Once again I left my camera hanging around my neck and took a few pictures on the sly while my group approached the people who were sitting on benches in the area.

 Parker prepping us for the market

 These ladies were really kind and receptive to receiving Bibles.
Not everyone wanted one, thinking we were handing out ads.
Cedric handing out the gospel
He is a university student and member of Emmanuel International Church.

We saw this man looking through the book when we came back down the street.

Entering the market was an overwhelming experience, like stepping into an entirely different country.  This picture doesn't capture how crowded it was, all the people selling fruits, vegetables, olives, nuts, spices, clothes, etc. calling out for your attention.  You were completely surrounded by people pushing their way through and fighting for their place.  I kept my camera down and snapped a few pictures as we slowly moved through the crowded lane.

The smells were wonderful, and I was offered a couple of different kinds of fruits I tried that were delicious.  KJ bought an apple, and we prayed for the people as we walked through.  Parker told us most of the sellers are from Pakistan, I believe.  

After the morning's work we took the Metro to Notre DameThere's no way to capture the grandeur there.

  The Metro passing by my handsome husband

After a restful hour at Luxembourg Gardens, we went to a Polyglot, where for 3 hours we talked to people who wanted to practice their English.  We all had so many opportunities to show love and kindness and to share the gospel.  We are hoping some of the people we met will join us today at the Louvre.  

We are off to pass out French testaments in the neighborhood of the church!         

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  1. Oh my heart. The picture of the man you saw looking through the book when you walked back down the street brought tears to my eyes. There are just no adequate words...