Sunday, May 12, 2013

Driving through Normandy, Day 2

My eyes are having a hard time staying open and are ready for sleep, so I may not do too much writing but just share a few pictures from today.

We started out the morning driving over the longest suspension bridge in the world.  It was pretty beautiful and had a nice view.

 Isn't the town of Honfleur quaint?  I love all the colors in these photographs.

 KJ ordered the l'Americain for lunch.  Apparently, they think we like lots of fries.

After exploring Honfleur we stopped at a beach on the way out of town and walked around a bit.  I picked up some shells for Ella.  We stopped and took pictures of horses gallivanting in the fields, and of the beautiful blooming apple trees.  I think we finally realized that if we stopped every time we saw something picturesque, we would never get anywhere.

D-Day beaches will have to wait until tomorrow.  Au revoir!

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