Tuesday, May 28, 2013


It is hard to comprehend that summer is really here.  I guess it's not official until the Summer Solstice, but we're gonna just stick to summer starts when school's out.  It's easier.  So...summer!

Last week we finished up school, with a lot of extra help from KJ.  I've been looking forward to a break from school because it's hard to keep these two away from each other.  James distracts Ella when I'm attempting to teach her Math, and Ella gets distracted by any fun preschool activities I try to do with James.  I'm hoping some planning on my part and more growth and maturity in James over the summer will make that dynamic a little easier next year.

 Last Day of School
Everyone should wear their P.J.s the last day of school, right?

We celebrated on Friday with some outdoors time in the late afternoon.  That is one good thing about the south:  it's never too early to begin water activities.

I just think there's nothing cuter than that blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy in his baby blue swimming trunks.  

We also celebrated with a free movie rental from the Redbox, given to KJ for his anniversary.  We were so astounded, trying to figure out how Redbox knew it was our anniversary, when KJ read the e-mail a little closer.  It was the anniversary of his first Redbox rental.  Obviously that coincided with our anniversary.  I wonder what we rented 4 years ago on our 5th anniversary?  I can't remember.  I just remember I was pregnant.  2009 = Pregnant for me.

Yesterday we had a relaxing time with family at Jesse and Sandy's homestead, as KJ likes to call it.  It's a great place, and we enjoyed one another, great food, and pleasant weather, so thankful for our nation, and those who have died in her service.  Especially after our visit to the D-Day beaches two weeks ago, our minds have been on these things.

 Aren't Sandy's hydrangeas lovely?

The kids held an old-school Nintendo controller for the first time and enjoyed the front-porch swing.  Ella was really excited to figure out that the Habrials were part of our family.  I don't think she'd put that together before, but she's happy to claim them.

I meant to take a big family picture before my parents left, but I forgot.  But here's one of the girls...and James.

And our gracious hosts for the day:

 Silly Pack.

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