Monday, May 20, 2013

Back in the Saddle

It is the first Monday I've been home since April 29.  

We were greeted Saturday at 4 p.m. at the airport by KJ's dad and the faces of the sweetest children in the world.  Two weeks away from my everyday work and responsibilities was refreshing, and we laughed that at that the end of the day, even after walking 17,000 steps across Paris, I still had an excess of energy that I didn't have at the end of a long day of mothering.  It's the mental fatigue of parenting that gets you, I think.

So even as it was refreshing, by the time we arrived at Charles de Gaul Airport Saturday morning I was very anxious to make it home to my children.  I'm so grateful that we did.  It was the sweetest thing to see Ella's new toothless smile and hear James' description of what happened:  "She put her teeth under the pillow, and it turned into money! ....I want some dollars...".  

With church activities all day yesterday, we hit the ground running, and I am once again thankful that my day job is at home, because if you can imagine 4 overflowing suitcases spread across the house and a sink piled up with yesterday's dirty dishes, you can imagine my home this morning.  I haven't evaluated yet, but I'm hoping to finish Ella's school curriculum this week so we can officially welcome summer.

Last night our church gathered at the ranch of a family in our church for a time of fellowship and to give awards to the kids who participated in the Awana program this year.  

We had an encouraging time of fellowship; it was good to be back with our church family, and I was so proud of that little stinker getting a certificate for participating in Cubbies this year.  When you hear him belt out what was supposed to be, "All Scripture is given by God." as "All Scripture by God!it's the sweetest thing in the world.  As his Uncle Kameron ("Kammer" as James likes to call him, just like Ella called him at that age.) told him, "You know more than a lot of people, James."  Speaking of Kameron, we're excited that his travels during this month have brought his sweet little family to our neck of the woods for a few days.  I think France and family are a good way to kick off the summer.  

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