Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Unexpectedness

Today is starting to feel like a repeat of last week, except this time it is me with the fever and not James.  That's right.  I took him to the doctor Friday, and she told me James had an ear infection that was the cause of his fever.  After thinking about certain signs, I could believe he had an ear infection, but I was still wondering about the fact that he had a cough that sounded just like one Ella had earlier in the week.  

Since ear infections aren't contagious, we welcomed baby Luke into our home yesterday.  After his mama picked him up and KJ brought Ella home from school I went out to walk/jog.  I knew that I had started feeling hot, but I just thought it was because the temperature had risen in the house because of our mild weather.  I came back in and showered, and as I was getting ready for a little Alabama party, started feeling achy, but I just thought I was tired.  A little food and water would perk me up, I thought.  

I just noticed his football socks.  How cute are they?

Food and water perked me up, but at the party I noticed myself needing to cough more and feeling like I was losing my voice.  We got back in the car, and I just got this feeling...what if...I have a fever?  

After taking James' temperature under his arm for the seemingly-forever 3 minutes last week, KJ ordered us a new ear thermometer that gives you the temperature after 3 seconds.  Katie had one at Christmas, and KJ was all, "We need that."  He called me last week and said it was coming via two-day shipping and that he bought me the most expensive one so I knew I could trust it.  Sweet husband and daddy.

I came home and used this wonder, and in 3 seconds found my temperature was 100.6.  I really hated that.  I hated to have to make alternate arrangements for baby Luke AGAIN.  I haven't had a fever in years.  I haven't had anything other than a stomach virus in years, and my last stomach virus was September of 2010.  (The date stays with me...)

a Bama boy who cooks

So here I am sick, having woke up early alternating between hot and cold.  It is my comfort that God is in control, and He orders all things.  I am hopeful that baby Luke will remain well.  I feel that it makes sense that I got something from James.  He drools on me, and I wipe his nose.  And though I wash my hands and use "hanitizer" (as Ella calls it) after these activities, I mean...have you seen my boy drool?  

These pretty princesses had so much fun together last night.

I had all kinds of blogging ideas yesterday that I didn't get to...such as maybe a list of highlights from my 20s.  I'm turning 30 on Sunday.  That's a big deal.  Maybe since today will be a day of rest and recovery there will be time for such things.  I woke up at 5:15 so I'm really tired already, but James just got up so it will be awhile until nap time.  Here's to a day of unexpected mercies.

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  1. I am so sorry for your sickness, Lynn. I know, Mommy's & fevers aren't supposed to go together. I'll continue praying for swift healing.

    I love the pictures, and I love hearing of your trust in God's providence & mercy.

    Happy Birthday on Sunday. I really hope you get around to your 20's highlight post :)