Tuesday, January 17, 2012


That's a 30-year-old me at my McDonald's birthday lunch.
It's the only place we can go with James because he can run free after he eats.

My external hard-drive isn't wanting to give away any of my other pictures, but Sunday really was a nice day...except for it being my last day with KJ for a week.  He had to leave for the airport at 4:45 a.m. yesterday when he left for Haiti.  My sweet husband made the day special before he left, though.  He coordinated a surprise party for me at church Sunday night and then surprised me with my family meeting at my brother's house that night.  It was all very sweet and encouraging.  

Honestly, it's hard at this exact moment to remember how good and encouraged I felt by fellowship with others, because I just miss KJ SSSSSOOOOOOOOO much right now.  I am never prepared for how it feels for him to be gone, and the feeling just gets worse every time he goes.  Maybe it's because the longer we're married the closer we've become?  

I keep starting to write something and then changing my mind.  I think I might be in need of an early bedtime.


  1. Happy belated 30, friend!

    I love you so.

  2. Wow, what a great picture of you two! I smile at the thought of a McDonald's birthday lunch, and I love how you're always thinking of the joy & comfort of others (though you wouldn't have been comfortable either had James been tied down & unhappy :/)

    Way to go, K.J., for doing some sweet celebration coordination! I know that you miss him so much. Though I'm so sorry . . . I'm so thankful, too. Thank you for loving my brother so well. I love what you said: ". . . . the longer we're married the closer we've become"

    I love you

  3. Great picture! I love those bright colors and Seth's photo-bombing skills. ;)

  4. The lighting is really good in the play place at McDonald's. :) And yes, Seth did the best photo-bomb ever.

  5. Cute! And, I was going to ask if that was Seth in the background, but I see you've already answered that! ;-) Also loved the castle photos & the other birthday photos that uploaded while you were getting Ella ready. Glad you had a good birthday!