Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Santa Claus came to town.

I spent 3 1/2 hours yesterday morning photographing the children of Ella's school with Santa Claus.  Some were super-excited, some cried, one screamed, and it was fun listening to some of their Christmas requests.  One third grader asked for a Kindle Fire.  That made me laugh, thinking about the difference between that and what I would have been asking for in third grade.  Oh, the times.

Ella isn't too big into character pictures, but she agreed to get her picture taken since I was taking them, but she was determined to remain shy.  I caught this expression where she's trying not to smile.  She can never keep the straight-face for too long.

Tomorrow night is Christmas Eve for the Pugh family.  The Kizziahs are in town, and we are excited about having several days with them.  I'll be checking my list twice this morning, making sure all presents are accounted for and all ingredients for Christmas goodies come home from the store with me.  Merry Christmas!

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