Monday, December 12, 2011

A Pugh Family Christmas

It has been a very busy four days around here.  We have been soaking up every possible minute with family, and it has been so fun.  I'm so thankful to belong to this precious group of kindred spirits.  Our celebrations are still continuing today with the arrival of KJ's grandmother, and tonight is Ella's school Christmas program!  There is much to do, but I wanted to share a few pictures from our "Christmas Eve" before I do some speed-cleaning.  There will be more to come later.

We had a pretty happening kids' table this year.
It's the first time all four cousins ate together, with no one in a high chair.

That is a precious and fun group of children.
I speak the truth; I'm not biased.

James got to open a present early.
He was running a high fever, and we'd forced him into a cool bath.
He wasn't happy about that.

He was very happy with his "choo-choo."

Uncle KJ taught John David how to play Zelda.

Fun presents from Aunt O

They were a big hit.

More from the Pugh family Christmas coming soon.