Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday's Flashback: Baker Street

Everyone knows who lived here, right?

A Famous Profile

No, not KJ's...yet...

Sherlock Holmes', of course.

I won't lie.  I liked walking down Baker Street.

I had read that 221B had a museum with wax figures of characters and scenes,
and I'd also heard from a friend it wasn't that impressive.
We were short on time and feeling so tired by this point, we mainly just enjoyed being on
Baker Street and stepping into the gift shop.

All the personnel dressed in period clothing, which was fun.
The doorman, I presume.

The gift shop was filled with Sherlock Holmes hats, coats, canes, figurines, book marks, chess sets, framed prints, you name it.  

Our favorite book

I'm looking forward to seeing how Professor Moriarty is portrayed in the new movie coming out this month.  I wonder if any Bartitsu will be employed?

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