Thursday, March 10, 2011

School Days

Yesterday we had "school time."  Ella was really excited, as was James.  He eagerly brought a bucket of markers to the living room.  I eagerly took away the ones with the easily removable tops.  

We started with letters.  Ella does a really good job writing capital letters, but she doesn't work on lower-case letters that often.  She is aware of this and wanted to practice the lower-case "n."  

Look at that last "n!"

Ella was so proud of her perfect "n," as she called it, and then you know what happened?  James picked up a crayon and very excitedly colored vigorously all over the page, even on top of her perfect "n."  Ella cried and pushed James away, and James continued to color.  He was so happy doing what the big people do.  I sent Ella to her room to find an old coloring book that James could color in and tried to direct his artistic energies to that quarter.  He did a good job.  I can't believe my baby is coloring.

I just noticed he is using his left hand in this picture.
He does have a crayon in his right hand, too, though.

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