Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Celebrate good times...C'mon!

This year marks the last year in my 20s as well as my seventh year of marriage.  These two facts are going to be the cause (and probably the excuse) for a whole lot of celebrating around our house.  If anything good happens to me, or if there's anything in particular I want to do, I'll just smile and say, "It's the Year of Jubilee." (To be accurate, both KJ and I did some reading and were reminded that the year of Jubilee was actually the 49th year and not the seventh; however, all debts were forgiven during the seventh year.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can catch up on your reading in Leviticus later on tonight.)  But putting accuracy aside, we're celebrating our seventh year in a big-time way.  I think it's worth celebrating.  So far, we have painted the kitchen, and today I got a DSLR camera!  

I am extremely excited about learning how to use it.  Sadly, it was a rainy day here, so I couldn't go outside, but here are my favorite pictures from today.

My lovely girl

James woke up from his morning nap giving 
sweet kisses to his sister.  Precious.

I couldn't go outside today, 
but here is the view from my front door.

And this picture?  I'm not sure if there are words.
But this is my boy.

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