Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bedtime Routines

Every parenting book out there will tell you the importance of bedtime routines for young children.  Routines provide structure that let children know what is coming next.  They should be calming and relaxing.  A common bedtime routine would be:  bath time, put on p.j.'s, read a book, and go to bed.  Bath time went pretty well.

Little did we know he had an escape plan for after his bath.
I only wish I could show you all the pictures from the chase that ensued.

Maybe if I hide under here, they won't find me.
Let me just pull this chair in so it will be harder to see me.

But eventually, the escapee was captured and diapered.
Oh, the shame.

Now that we've had our relaxing bath it's time to
put on our pajamas.

I'll get away next time.

Let's go, Ella.
Don't patronize them with a smile.

According to the bedtime routine guide, a nice bedtime story should be coming right about now.  But at our house, Ella wanted to play, "Sack."  I had never heard of this game, but Ella explained it to me.  First, you climb into a blanket and get wrapped up in it.

Then you swing around a few times before you wind up on the couch.

Apparently, it's really fun.

Now that everyone is relaxed,
it's time to go to bed.

Night-night, Mama.


  1. This is too cute!! What a fun bedtime routine you all had. The kids seem SO relaxed. lol. Precious post!

  2. What great pictures, Lynn! Beautiful children, too. ;)

  3. The looks on K.J.'s & Ella's faces while playing "sack" is hilarious! :)