Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Writer

I've got a writer on my hands.  One of his favorite things to do these days is to sneak into Ella's room and find a pencil and a pad of paper.  He sits down and writes so carefully for several minutes.  Yes, he has written on some inappropriate places, i.e. the wall, but at least it's only a pencil.  He is so cute and writes with such concentration, babbling to me nonstop about whatever it is he's writing.

And yes, he is wearing a headband.  He begged so earnestly when I put Ella's on this morning before school.  I figured it would be too hard to explain to a 22-month old that headbands are for girls.  He's also been writing with his left hand a lot.  From time to time I'll move the pencil over to his right hand, and sometimes he'll write interchangeably on his own.  We'll see what happens with that.

This morning I felt a little sad being left in the quiet house after the rush of getting Ella off to school.  But after sharing a breakfast with my little one, I just felt so thankful to have this time alone with him. I had it with Ella, and it's so precious...and easy.  I wonder what my aspiring writer will write about one day?  Yesterday he drew a circle with a squiggly line coming from it (by accident, I'm sure) and got so excited.  "Bulll, Bulll," he yelled.  Balloon that is.  It's hard to write out phonetically the way he says it.  He rolls his "l's" brilliantly.

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