Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Morning

I feel so bereft when she walks out the door.

For this picture, Ella said, "I have a great idea, Mom.  You stand over there, and I'll come running through the doorway, and you take my picture."  It was a great idea.  I love her face.  
I just need grace to deal patiently with all her exuberance.  Oh, how I need to be changed.


  1. WE LOVE YOU, ELLA! Great picture of your exuberant girl! And Grammy loved, LOVED the picture of James on your header :)

  2. O Sweet Lynn, you are much better than I am. It is so encouraging to hear you say this because Joy is very exuberant and wonderful and I too need patience upon patience and I feel the same way when Joy walks toward that giant school:( Thank you for sharing your heart because it encourages my heart! Love you.