Saturday, August 6, 2011

She's so impressive.

Ella had two more vaccinations she needed before she could start Kindergarten, and we went to get those yesterday.  Of course she was unhappy about having to get shots when I first told her about it a couple of weeks ago, but yesterday she was as brave as she could be.  She didn't fuss, and she didn't cry.  She simply requested to bring Katherine (her Cabbage Patch doll) along for comfort, and off we went.  She was also excited about getting to paint when it was over.

We had a wee photo shoot before we left
in honor of the week before Kindergarten.

As a side note, I would not have picked out the clothes
Ella is wearing for an outing on the town, but this girl
ALWAYS wants to wear a dress and NEVER wants to wear
her tennis-shoes.  But yesterday, she picked this outfit out 
and thought it was so great, so I didn't say a word.

While in the waiting room, I told Ella I brought her a book to read.  When she started to read aloud I was amazed at her all over again.  In my ideal world, we would have time for her to practice reading every day, but of course that doesn't always happen.  Even so, the progression of her reading skills amazes me every time.

Even after we were called back to the waiting room, she showed no signs of apprehension about her shots.  She was bouncy and fun, and we read together some more.  When the nurse came in, she did as I asked her and sat in my lap, looked away and had her two shots.  They lasted a few seconds, but she didn't cry or make a sound.  Then it was over like a flash, and she was so excited about her two sparkly princess stickers.  She skipped out of the doctor's office ready for our painting adventure.  I love that girl.  She amazes me.


  1. We're so proud of you, sweet Ella. When we sat down for lunch today, John David said the blessing. He thanked God for the food, his family, and then prayed that you would be brave during your shots. I had told him about you going yesterday, and I think he was really concerned about you. I'm thankful that God gave you peace and that you were, indeed, so brave! I am also very impressed with your reading skills, and your readiness to take on all of these new adventures ahead. And I'm SO EXCITED that we get to celebrate your birthday with you. Be thinking about anything you may want, especially now that you'll be going to school. John David would love to get you something that you would really like. :)
    And I LOVE the pic of both of you at the top. Beautiful girls :)

  2. Hop on Pop...such a great book!
    Good job, Ella on being brave!