Friday, August 5, 2011

A Brighter Outlook

The clouds are heavy across the sky this morning, but the clouds that were over my heart yesterday are long gone.  Whew.  I don't like days like that.  If I had written a blog post yesterday it would have sounded like I was stuck with Anne in the depths of despair.  I suppose a day like that is just a byproduct of 13-hour days of child-rearing.  Monday through Wednesday are long days with KJ having visitation, jail ministry, and college Bible study all in a row, so by the time he comes through the door at 9:45 on Wednesday night, I am more than ready for his day off on Thursday.  He switched his day off this week, however, so off he left yesterday morning.  

I think all I wanted/needed was some solitude, just a little bit of peace.  I think I would have been able to take a day of rest if James wasn't at the age of needing constant instruction and correction.  Ella is quite able to entertain herself if need be, but James is at the age of needing to be taught how to play with others.  Whatever toy Ella has always looks soo inviting to him, and he walks up and snatches it.  Then there are tears from Ella and hollering from him when I try to take it from him and return it to her.  In the morning of new grace I can laugh at these things.  

Oddly enough, the outing that snatched me out of my funk yesterday was the Open House at Ella's new school!  It's so fun going places with my big girl.  Of course, it's always been fun going places with her.  From the time she was 8 or 9 months old she has been a joy to go out in public with.  Wal-Mart and Target and the library were all grand adventures to her.  

She was so excited last night and so grown-up about getting dressed and going to see her class room, and once we got in her class room with the other children and parents and the teacher, I felt so excited, too.  I just wanted her to stay in Kindergarten forever.

My heart felt completely at ease seeing a class of only 12 children, learning that the boy sitting beside Ella was the teacher's grandson, knowing that she already knew several girls in the class; hearing the teacher talk about how her greatest joy was teaching the kids about our Savior, that if any parent had something they wanted to share with the class to let her know and she'd plan it, that we can come and eat lunch with her anytime.  I felt the reality of the school's desire to partner with parents in educating their children.  Also, I was asked to take pictures on the first day of school for a scrapbook!  Happy mommy.  I was dreading simply dropping her off to fend for herself the first day.  Now I've been given permission to be there and photograph every minute.  Cheers.

It was an exciting night, and KJ is staying home today!  This means that I am able to get out of the house and take care of some more school preparation:  vaccines.  That's not incredibly exciting, but after the shots Ella and I are going to paint ceramics, and she is super-excited about that.  This evening we will be attending a birthday party for KJ's dad.  Ella whispered in my ear on Sunday, "Big Daddy said we were invited to his birthday party!"  You know how important that is to Kindergartners.  

I'm thankful for a brighter outlook this morning.  In fact, I can see that the sun is now shining through the clouds in my backyard, too.


  1. This is so sweet, Lynn. I love following along this new season in your life and Ella's too. Her nametag nearly melted me, though, I'll be honest!

  2. Thank you, sweet Molly! We wish Ella's other "Grandma" could be here to take part in the fun...and in the tears. :)