Monday, September 2, 2013

7 Years

All the pregnancy books and ultrasounds in the world couldn't really make me grasp that there was a baby growing in my womb, a real, precious, little miraculous person.  I tried to grasp it, but it always felt surreal.  When something is completely new and untried territory, even the imagination falls short, but that moment...that moment when after the strains of labor the doctor said, "Open your eyes, mama!"  And man...there she was.  I don't think that could ever get old as a doctor.  It is a miracle.

She was perfect, a girl just like they said.  I could hardly believe it.  Tears ran unbidden down my cheeks.  My perfect baby girl.

 7 Years of Smiles

 6 Years of Disney Princesses

5 Years of Licking the Bowl

 4 Years of Being the Best Big Sister on the Planet

 3 Years of Biscuits and Syrup

2 Years of Reading

 1 Year of Homeschooling

My Favorite Girl Forever