Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ella's Samantha Tea Party: Part 2

We'll start with Big Daddy and James:  twins.  Big Daddy wasn't sure what the appropriate garb for the tea party would be so when James got there, he thought he'd join him in a red vest. They were pretty cute.

The "other Ella" was the first to arrive at the party, bringing her doll, Julie, with her.  As other girls trickled in and were led to the parlor by the butler, they started their embroidery projects.  They looked so ladylike and proper.

 Doesn't Lilla look like a princess?
 The dolls looked on at the work in progress.

The butler then called the girls to luncheon. 

They were all so dignified while partaking of their repast.  After tea we gathered to watch Ella's birthday video, which perhaps I'll be able to upload soon, and then it was time for presents.
I thought Ella looked so sweet in that dress.  The next group of pictures is for Aunt Katie to see her reaction to opening her gift.  It was a cheerleading outfit that Katie had never used for her dolls because it didn't fit the time period, and Ella had seen it and knew it had never been opened.  She couldn't believe that it was hers.

That top right corner?  She was just shocked.

It could not be said enough how much Audrey Ann (Ella's treasured doll from David and Hillary) needed new clothes.  Ella has been fashioning summer clothes for her from scraps of cloth and bandannas.

Ella had a surprise attendee towards the end of opening gifts.  Hooray!

We love it when Hillary rolls into town unexpectedly.  

Ella was thrilled with the Felicity books Hillary brought.  She loves a good activity book.  And here's where I had a photographer fail.  I switched my focus to manual, thinking I might take some video, then changed my mind and snapped pictures of her next present without focusing, thinking it was set on automatic.  So...out of focus pictures of the next present.  But it goes to show that pictures don't have to be perfect to be loved, because her faces are priceless.  

Needless to say, Ella was so excited about Kit.  "It was just the doll I wanted!"  She has talked this week about getting her hair cut and asked me how to make her hair more blonde so she can match her doll.  I told her staying in the sun would make her hair lighter, but my girl who doesn't like being hot and sweaty said maybe there was another way. Of course, there is another way, but we're not going there. :)

I didn't originally plan to post about Ella's party in three parts, but I just may have to.  This post is long with lots of pictures already!  And I'm tired of sitting at the computer editing pictures for the moment.  :)  I'll close out with her cake and the group picture of the party guests tomorrow.  Thank you so much, dear friends who helped make Ella's birthday so special!


  1. My mom used to spray Sun-in in my hair sometimes before she blow dried it for me, which made it a good but lighter. I was probably in junior high by then though...and in the middle of big hair woes. ;)

    1. Ha! The big hair woes...I did think about Sun-in as we were talking. Maybe at some point. :)