Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Slow Day

You know what I re-discovered yesterday?  Though caring for one child doesn't feel easy when you're first making the adjustment to parenting, after parenting two kids full-time, caring for one child all day?  Piece of cake.  I realized again that adding one child to the mix isn't like a "+1."  It's like a "x4."  You're definitely quadrupling the demands and needs you're meeting and the responsibilities with each child you add.

All of that to say...having a break from teaching school and only having James made for a relaxing day yesterday.  We enjoyed a fun morning out at a friend's house.  I even exercised and showered before we left.  This is phenomenal.  I meant to take pictures of the boys playing, but I got distracted by the sweetness of a 5-week-old baby girl.  Amber has such doll-babies.

I finished all my ironing during James' nap and read a bit.  We enjoyed a relaxing evening with KJ.  The boys played Risk and Dominion while I did laundry and cleaned up after supper.  I was asleep by 10 p.m. again.  It was a very restful day, all in all, which means I woke up this morning ready to accomplish something amazing.  I think the bathroom painting job might be on the docket.  I made a convincing case to KJ this morning.

Did I mention that I hid eggs for James to find this morning?  Because apparently that's year-round entertainment.

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